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Minimum Phase Filter Design

minimum phase filter design

    minimum phase
  • In control theory and signal processing, a linear, time-invariant system is said to be minimum-phase if the system and its inverse are causal and stable.

    filter design
  • Filter design is the process of designing a filter (in the sense in which the term is used in signal processing, statistics, and applied mathematics), often a linear shift-invariant filter, which satisfies a set of requirements, some of which are contradictory.

minimum phase filter design - Omnidirectional Microphone

Omnidirectional Microphone

Omnidirectional Microphone

The U841A delivers exceptionally intelligible audio reproduction in a super-compact, low-profile design. Equipped with UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology, this omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone is designed for clear, highly intelligible sound reinforcement, professional recording, television and conferencing in surface-mount applications. Heavy die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pad minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone.The U841A has a 360° pickup angle and operates on battery or phantom power. Included furnished accessories: AT8531 power module, battery, and a soft protective pouch.

84% (12)

Phase Two - Part 4 (5-29-9)

Phase Two - Part 4 (5-29-9)

Aylin Daviau nods once, hardly concerned about the sudden departure she simply places the used syringe upon the tray and retreives the second containing the altered the first syringe it was equally as large though this time she lowered it to the girls thigh, began to try to push it directly into the muscle.

Jaina Lefevre arches in the restraints at this one and screams, gasping a breath as it -hurts- and she jerks in the bonds, sobbing. "NoNONO! HURTS!"

Lilliane Ackerman continues to hold the girl’s hand, the elbow of her free arm crooking about the child’s head as she leans forward against the table. Fingertips lightly graze her shoulder, a comforting gesture as she speaks softly in her ear. “Much better than last time, remember? Almost done now… You’ve being very very brave and I’m proud of you.”

Aylin Daviau was so accustomed to screams that she simply ignored them..almost robotoc in her mannerisms she didnt even frown, nothing but determination to finish what had to be done, she pushed again and far harder this time...if she managed to push it into the muscle beneith she'd begin to depress the plunger, empying the cells into the girls system.

Jaina Lefevre closes her eyes and presses her face into Lilly's arm, sobbing brokenly. Her whole body is shivering and twitching now, the candy bar partly crushed and dropped as she spasms. Her foot, on the leg being injected, begins to twitch as if the toe were tapping - reaction from the intramuscular shot.

Lilliane Ackerman: “Shhh, it’s okay… It’s okay..” Continues to murmur soft reassuring phrases into the girl’s ear, an occasionally comforting caress accompanied by gentle squeezes to her hand. "It will be worth it... "

Aylin Daviau pressed the plunger down all the way then easily slid the syringe free, only then did she smile though she would say nothing to the girl "She will require a little care, preferably she will not consume too much sugar....keep her water intake high for a week minimum" she said, moving even as she spoke, both syringes were placed in the small disposal unit before she faced them again "Now, I must leave for little while, please do contact me if any problem arise"

Jaina Lefevre is whimpering and hiccupping breaths. not letting go of Lilli. She's shaking and shivering, small bruises appearing where the shots were given.

Lilliane Ackerman wastes little time removing the bindings in order to free the child, collecting the girl within a held embrace. She nods to Aylin, possibly unseen as the other woman appears to already be on her way out of the lab. “I’ll make sure she understands.”

Aylin Daviau offers a polite bow of her head then more words were required here and she headed for the elevator, needing the comfort of her home for now.

Jaina Lefevre curls in Lilli's arms, her body still shivering and twitching. She slowly lifts her head and looks at Lilli. "I'se cold, Auntie...don't feel so good.."

((Cuddles were had, blankets and warmth, and then a taxi ride home where she was tucked into bed. Such a 'good' Auntie...and adventure))

Making douhua - phase one: making soy milk

Making douhua - phase one: making soy milk

Douhua ("bean flower") is a particularly soft kind of tofu, so much so that it is difficult to pick up with one's chopsticks as it tends to fall apart under the slightest pressure!
Delicious both as a savoury dish and as a dessert.
The cook is the daughter of the lady who appears in other photos (squeezing the soya milk out of the bag that contains the dredges) and normally does not live in the village, but in a nearby town where she found work.

Preparazione del douhua. Prima fase: fare il latte di soia
Douhua ("fiore di fagiolo") e un tipo di tofu particolarmente morbido, tanto che e difficile da prendere con i bastoncini perche tende a disfarsi alla minima pressione.
Buonissimo sia come piatto salato che come dessert.
La cuoca e la figlia della signora che si vede in altre foto, insieme spremono il sacco con i fagioli di soia tritati per farne uscire il latte. Non abita qui nel villaggio, ma in una cittadina a valle dove ha trovato lavoro.

minimum phase filter design

minimum phase filter design

Predicting organic contaminant concentrations in sediment porewater using solid-phase microextraction [An article from: Chemosphere]

This digital document is a journal article from Chemosphere, published by Elsevier in 2007. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Because of its cost and time saving features, solid-phase microextraction (SPME) is a leading candidate as a biomimic technique in assessing the bioavailable fraction of hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOCs) in sediment porewater. However, no predictive modeling framework in which to systematically address the effect of key parameters on SPME performance for this application exists. In this study, we derived two governing equations to predict (1) the minimum sediment volume (V"s^m^i^n) required to achieve non-depletive conditions, and (2) dissolved phase HOC porewater concentrations (C"p"w) as functions of HOC- and sediment specific characteristics in a conceptual three compartment system. The resulting model predicted that V"s^m^i^n was independent of HOC concentrations both in sediment and porewater, but did vary with hydrophobicity (characterized by logK"o"w), the fraction of sediment porewater (f"p"w), and the volume (V"f) of the SPME sorbent phase. Moreover, the effects of these parameters were minimized (i.e., V"s^m^i^n reached plateaus) as logK"o"w approached 4-5. Model predictions of C"p"w, a surrogate for SPME-based detection limits in porewater, decreased with increasing sediment volume (V"s) at low V"s values, but rapidly leveled off as V"s increased. A third result suggested that the sediment HOC concentration required for SPME is completely independent of K"o"w. These results suggest that relatively small sediment volumes participate in exchange equilibria among sediment, porewater and the SPME fiber, and that large sediment HOC reservoirs are not needed to improve the detection sensitivity of SPME-based porewater samplers. The ultimate utility of this modeling framework will be to assist future experimental designs and help predict in situ bioavailability of sediment-associated HOCs.

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