Mr Coffee Coffee Filters

mr coffee coffee filters

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mr coffee coffee filters - Krups 088

Krups 088 Artese Water Filter for Model 927

Krups 088 Artese Water Filter for Model 927

The Krups heritage of German engineered kitchen appliances provides clear functional, rigorous design, technical perfection, performance and quality. Designed and built for those who continuously seek new gourmet experiences and take pleasure in discovering and understanding how things are done and done well. Krups products provide the tools and deliver genuine results, performance and taste. Inspired by experts and demanding consumers with uncompromising standards of performance and quality. Krups products have been built with these key attributes in mind: Passion, Precision and Perfection. Passion: Like the experts and consumers it serves, Krups is passionate about products that are designed to perform flawlessly. This passion starts with a deep mastery of the technical details of producing a perfect cup of coffee or espresso. This mastery of technology and understanding of how consumers would like to use the product materialize in tools that deliver genuine results.Precision: Krups products are specialized tools, designed to provide optimal performance for a particular function. Controlling the functions with precision and the ability to recreate the exact conditions every time is what the new Krups series achieved- producing the prefect cup every time.Perfection: Perfection in performance and quality is achieved through attention to detail: extra thick walls for stability, high quality materials for durability, well-crafted mechanisms for consistent performance, and carefully designed controls for functional clarity.

86% (9)

Al grano

Al grano

I haven't taken pictures this early in the morning for a while, and before my morning coffee...

And yes, the coffee maker machine could probably do with a clean...

fc la 02 retrogrphr

fc la 02 retrogrphr

I'm feeling like today will be a big pot of coffee day.
Los Angeles, California, USA. Nikon D60. Photo processed with: Mr Retro's Photoshop filter, Retrographer.

mr coffee coffee filters

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